Retraining as an IT specialist is imminent 🤯

Published on 10.6.2024 by mdohr07 Category: Personal Development

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It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog entry. I openly admit that I didn’t feel like writing anything because I was demotivated, which is due to the fact that I was often rather depressed. Looking for a job was the main reason. Whenever I got my hopes up for a job, they were dashed again. For example, because of an (alleged) lack of experience, partly because of skills that I really just didn’t have and agencies that didn’t want to take any risks. It was mainly the rejections that seemed unjustified that got to me. But I don’t want to go into any more detail.


So I had to do something to increase my chances and get out of the deep, black hole I had fallen into. It’s a big step for me and it feels risky, but all of this led to the decision to look for retraining. One company in particular stood out for me in my region and the short version of the story is that I applied to retrain as an IT specialist. Shortly afterwards, I was invited to a personal interview and an aptitude test. You only take the test if you still want to do the retraining after the personal interview 😛 I was still keen and was allowed to sit alone in a room at a laptop and take the test. This consisted of 4 parts: Logic, IT terms, concentration and English. The whole thing was timed, so not everything went as well as I thought it would. Concentration and English were timed too quickly for me because I wanted to do everything accurately rather than quickly. Concentration was my greatest strength, by the way. But I passed and only then did I find out that the admission procedure consists of three parts. I had already completed two of them: the test, of course, but the previous interview was also part of it. Part three? A so-called “trial”.

You can think of the trial as a course. It lasted two weeks, was part-time, there were sixteen participants and the whole thing serves to get to know the company or the team and vice versa and of course you are also put to the test, as the name “trial” suggests. There were two team days where you have to work in a team and master (sometimes funny) challenges. The remaining days were reminiscent of school lessons, with IT basics being taught. These included HTML, CSS and JavaScript. At one point there was a small surprise test and a final test was announced for the very last day. This entry would be quite long if I were to go into the details of the test now, but I had already gained a positive impression on the day of the introductory meeting. The people I dealt with were all friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed. During the trial, I also had a positive impression of most of the candidates. Of course, I had my “favorites”, but overall it was a nice group and working together as a team worked well.


On the last day, there was the aforementioned test, followed by a group feedback round and individual discussions at the very end. In the feedback round, all participants had the opportunity or were asked to comment on a number of predetermined points. For example, what they learned and what went well and so on. I’ll say what I learned (among other things): I need to pay more attention to details, but also stop overcomplicating things. By that I mean that I sometimes miss out on details that I could have used to solve problems. On the other hand, I sometimes made things more difficult for myself by seeing things as more complicated than they actually were and thinking around too many corners.

Until the final test, we were actually told that we wouldn’t find out who would be allowed to take part in the retraining until the following week. This was apparently spontaneously overturned and the process accelerated so that we could find out directly on the same day in an individual interview. Places were limited, less than half of our group would be accepted. We all waited in the corridor until it was the next person’s turn. Of course, that was pretty nerve-wracking. On this day of all days, I wasn’t feeling so fit and was rather in zombie mode, which wasn’t so good for the test, but there was one positive: I was too tired to be terribly stressed and nervous. That’s why I was unusually calm the whole time. When it was my turn, theoretically all the places were already taken (but I wasn’t even the last one!), so I was actually expecting to get a “no” or perhaps to be put on the waiting list so that I could move up if someone dropped out. The interview was relaxed and I had the feeling that it was short overall compared to the others, but maybe it just seemed that way because I wasn’t waiting any longer, it was my turn. Unfortunately, my test wasn’t as good as it could have been. I’m not happy with that and I don’t want to blame it all on the fact that I was a bit weak. I definitely have to make an effort in the future. But the good news is that they still want me there. The test wasn’t the only deciding factor, but the overall impression and other qualifications were also very important.

I didn’t hear the verdict on five other people and I’m curious to see who I’ll see again and whether the “wobbly candidate” will make it into the group after all because someone else won’t be taking part for whatever reason. There was also another group before ours that had already been decided on and is unknown to “my” group and me. So, it’s already starting in July! Quite exciting…

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