3D Models

Here is a selection of my 3D models. I taught myself 3D modeling with a little help from a friend on the internet at the time. Back then I used ZBrush.
I only switched to Blender later and taught myself again. I now prefer Blender to ZBrush and almost all the models you see here were created in Blender 😊


A small, fast spaceship. Pew Pew!

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A character of mine. Unfortunately I couldn't upload the model to Sketchfab as it is in this picture, there's only a slimmed-down version.

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This is Mbopp delivering parcels. He's waiting for something and he's bored. Only a "lite" version of this on Sketchfab.

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SWIFT cruiz X00-em

Low Poly spaceship with Texture Paint.

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Another Low Poly Model.

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This is a small robot I modeled in ZBrush and is an older piece, but still one of my best.

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