Hello 👋

I'm Miriam, a future IT Specialist. Let me explain...
I studied graphics and worked as a comic artist, concept artist and web designer. At the moment I'm doing a retraining to become an IT specialist. 🧑‍💻
My passions are drawing, painting and riding my road bike. I love filling sketchbooks and journals. But I also like building websites. I started doing this in 1999 and I still like to be inspired by retro games and the "old web".

On this website I would like to document my progress and thoughts, but also showcase my projects.

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mdohr07 | Germany

URL: https://mdohr.space

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Informatics, Art, Road Cycling, 3D, Frontend

This website plays music in the background :-)

AI Usage

I write my own texts because I want to be "me", but I like to use AI for brainstorming for.

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